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What are the maintenance / addition / replacement grant for analgesic action mechanism?

After the adoption of the approval decision, the engineering sector (Maintenance and Technical Services Division) in coordination with the client and agree on a scheduled service, and then coordination with the concerned authorities of the institution and the establishment of a tender bid on the company best suited and the start of work on the site.

What is the date I got my approval?

Date differs get approval required depending on the demand and the type of data available so that the maximum response is received by the institution within 6 months of submission or update and demand government housing are excluded from this date requests.

What are the receipt and display applications for the award of government housing mechanism?

Will be announced through the open door renovation means different contact numbers by specific requests delivery of residential projects plan taking into account the seniority of the date of application.

What is the institution continues with dealers to notify them of the decisions it?

The Foundation to communicate with customers in the following ways:
1. Send text messages (all services)
2. Send letters of approval to a trader Fund (loan services)
3. phone calls (Ready housing grant Service)

What is meant by a trader number and order number?

No trader is standardized to the customer number in the enterprise system, and order number is the number of service by the Apply them so as to give a trader more than one number depending on the type of request for housing services by the Apply them, for example:
Number trader Ahmed is -no. loan application 000000 000001 000002 -no. grant application - Order No. 000 003 Maintenance.

What are the requirements for the service and the mechanism of introduction?

List requirements for housing services on the website of the Foundation are available in addition to availability at the reception in the institution building, and are applying for services after providing all the documents required conditions are met.

Is the mechanism of the institution in dealing with the emergency situation (the collapse of part of the house, fire .... etc.) which constitutes a danger to residents in the dwelling.?

The Foundation Aelovesah to form a team for emergencies to prepare an urgent report on the cases and to find appropriate solutions, based on the role of the institution to bear the social responsibility and the preservation of the lives of citizens and the application is submitted to the customer service department in the organization.

Financial Sector
Questions relating to the engineering sector

Does the owner have the right to dispose of the reserved amount of maintenance?

Maintenance reserved amount and value of 5% of the loan value of the receivables are booked Contractor and be handed over to the owner holds it in trust for a year of primary receipt and be paid by the owner to the contractor after the maintenance work.

Has it been approved and how much installment adoption rate?

Owner can follow Dfath through electronic registration site in the organization as the contractor can keep track of all files through electronic registration in the Foundation's website, in which the contractor can track the status of all payments and files.

Mamaatalb to provide a picture of the plate with each institution to provide new impetus?

Of the terms of installment adoption of the Panel institution be installed site in the right way and in the case of visiting the engineer for the project and found that the plate is installed is stopped batch and to avoid stop installment is requested attach a copy of the panel institution to make sure that installed where the notes do some contractors using the painting more than site.

Contractors who are registered and accredited to the organization?

Any contractor holds a trade license issued by the Emirate of Dubai and is in effect supported the institution does not need to register in construction loans projects.

What are the documents required to open a file or make a payment?

There is a detailed explanation on the foundation's Web site for all the required documents for all transactions engineering supervision department (open a new file / first / Batch ongoing / Final Batch / timesheet) Batch can also download all the required forms from the site.

What is the benefit to terminate the contract in the organization if the contractor has been changed in the municipality?

It is known that the disposal of payments to the contractor under the terms of the loan contract and in the case of changing the contractor has to be the final account work for this contractor to close the Public and disbursement of financial dues until the owner can complete the home through a new contractor.

Do not apply discounts RAK all branches or headquarters only?

The application is in all branches

Why ask the owner and the contractor adjusted value of the contract in the event of foot drop rate?

The main goal of the Foundation is to provide housing for every citizen, therefore the Foundation to study the contract signed between the owner and the contractor and the study of prices of items and compared in force in the market prices in the event if the items the prices are clearly lower than the conventional price, the Foundation to take some action to make sure the value of the contract in order to ensure speed the completion of housing and ensure handed over to the owner.

What is the role of the institution (supervisory or funding)?

The primary role of the Foundation for funding construction loans is primarily institution and visit homes to determine the percentage of completion before disbursement.

What is the benefit Advisory Notes to end the primary message receipt and delivery to the home owner?

Some contractors extracted the certificate of completion without completing some of the work (such as interior paints, kitchens, clothing cabinets, ......) and this letter is to request confirmation from the consultant to complete all the work and an end to all the notes with carrying Consultative responsibility in the event of shortcomings or Comments.

What should be done with the owner in the event of termination of the contract with the contractor?

In the event of termination of the contract with the contractor through the institution has the right to follow the owner of one of two things as follows:
Appointment of a new contractor to complete the project and open a new file to the contractor.
The owner is entitled to complete work on the way after the completion of the termination of the contract in the organization but will be the remaining installment of the loan distract him after extracting the certificate of completion of Dubai Municipality, after the required documents are met.

How is fine delay calculation?

The institution does not calculate the fine delay by it, according to the loan agreement between the owner and the organization held in the event of a delay by the Contractor is filtered between the owner and the contractor and consultant before submitting batch institution without interference.
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