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Hello ! My name is Moftaah,
MBRHE`s virtual assistant. I am here to help answer your questions on Housing Services.
  • Grants
    • Apply for housing land
    • Apply for housing grant
    • Apply for Housing construction grant
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) grant
    • Apply for apartment grant
    • Apply for a housing construction request on a relative’s land
  • Loans
    • Apply for Housing loan
    • Apply for housing construction loan
    • Apply for housing purchase
    • Apply for housing Maintenance, Addition or Replacement (partial / whole) loan
    • Apply for housing unit loan from local market
    • Apply for housing unit rent
  • Complementary Services
    • Change Service from Housing purchase Loan to Housing Construction Loan
    • Cancel Approved Grant / Loan Application (under consideration)
    • Cancel In Progress Application (Grant / Loan)
  • To Whom It May Concern
  • Request For One Year Maintenance
  • Facilitation Program
  • Payment of Arrears of Installments Due
  • Apply For Early settlement
  • Apply For Liability Letter
  • Apply For Reducing the loan value
  • Apply For Update Customer Data
  • Self Financing Reward "Awad"
  • Business Services
    • Apply For Opening File for New Project
    • Apply For First Payment
    • Apply For Running Payment
    • Apply For Retention Payment
    • Apply For Final Payment
    • Apply For Disbursement of construction loan payments / financial aid grant payments 750 thousand
    • Apply For Housing Maintenance, Addition and Replacement loan payments
    • Apply For To Whom It May Concern Letter for projects with percentage of achievement
    • Apply For Termination and suspension of current contractor
    • Apply For Letter Requesting Discount Price
  • Suppliers and Contractor
    • Suppliers Registration Services
    • Classification and the Nomination Guide for Suppliers
    • Supplier and Contractor Evaluation
  • Application Status
  • Housing Maintenance Status
  • Loan Calculator
  • Housing Cost Calculator
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CEO - Sami Abdulla Gargash
Sami Abdulla Gargash CEO of MBRHE

Launching the new version of our website was directed by the vision of our wise leadership and influenced by the Dubai eGovernment initiative launched by H.H. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice president of UAE, prime minister the ruler of the Emirate Dubai.

The initiative’s main aim is to make the interaction between customers public sector easier, as well as to enforce Dubai’s leading position in supporting the knowledge economy.

MBRHE’s website is the window in which the world can access the entity and it is a key link between us and our partners. We made every effort to ensure the website is creative and distinguished. And we have used the latest technologies in designing it several accessible electronic links which helps the user navigate and reach required information easier.

This website facilitates the effective communication between the Establishment’s working team and its customers, and allows for follows up on application progress, and management as well as prompt reply to customer’s suggestions and comments in regard to various housing services.

The website also sheds light on the Establishment’s efforts and initiatives in its core business and its various other activities in the community.

The website also includes plenty of awareness and educational tips under house maintenance and construction. I invite visitors to enjoy and benefit from our new website and give us your valuable feedback that can help us improve the website.

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